SPRING 2020: Miriam presented a Retreat for the Newly-Cloistered. Check it out HERE.

SUMMER 2018: The Good Rumors Podcast is launched! 

AUTUMN 2015: Miriam has released her second book, "The Memory of Good: Meditations on Conversion and Gratitude." Find it here on Amazon. 

JULY 2015: It was time to take the music on the road! Miriam joined Joelle and Nichlas Schaal once again, this time, for a concert in Eugene, OR. Thank you to all who attended the event at St. Mary's Church! 

MARCH 2015: Miriam joined Joelle and Nichlas Schaal for their concert on March 7, 2015 at Resurrection Parish in Tualatin, OR. She performed her original song, "The Gardener". 

JANUARY 2015: "What I Learned in Oxford" is now available on Amazon! Click here to purchase! This book is best enjoyed with a cup of English Breakfast tea and a few biscuits.
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