From the recording The Luggage of an Optimist

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Call it unreason
Call it a season
Call it anything you'd like but
I will call it seeking.
Maybe I'm wealthy
but maybe I'm poor inside.
Maybe I could use a trip like this because
I'm low on wonder
I'm low on adoration,
but high on resignation.

I hear there's a king on the other end
of this star lit road and every single sense
says I'm near it and not to fear Him.
I hear there's a song that we'll sing again
and there's a chance
that I could be a man again.
The only question that remains: did I bring enough to say...thanks?

Said all my goodbyes,
saved all my good lines
for the final moment
when everybody's waving.
Away from the sidelines,
I hear for the last time,
some of them begin to say things like
"maybe don't go"
another says "don't you know all the dangers you could find there?"
They call me a fool to go so far,
but what's the good in
staying right where you are?
They call me a fool to follow roads,
so uncertain where they go.
So it's a good thing I remembered
to pack my faith.