1. Léonie

From the recording The Luggage of an Optimist

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Her favorite stories were the ones she read
as she went to bed
that made her leave the light on just in case
the dragons lingered right outside her room,
ready to surprise in the night but it’s alright, she had her sword by her side.

They never told her that she was on to something greater
Than the world could ever guess.
Mild and quiet, it was decided
that little more could ever pour out of a life so very ordinary.

A hero’s welcome was a friend’s embrace in some unknown place,
with the wine of pleasant company.
Her kingdom made of tiny rooms and smiles;
If you stayed a while, you could that all she wanted was
Something holy and sure.

“It’s so simple and yet so complicated”
and every word like this that the world
ever fed her
was silently tamed
while the secret that reigned
In her heart was enough
to get her through the toughest moments unscathed.

They’re so delighted that she found her way
and a word to say,
but hold on because her sight is on something brighter than day.