From the recording The Luggage of an Optimist

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And I feel older than yesterday,
and I feel bolder and ready to say;
So much to do, nothing to lose,
by the way there’s a chance
I may seem relatively
unattached to this place.

And he said to me “one day you’ll see,
all of this will feel like one of your dreams,
You will wake up in my arms.”
And he said to me
“all days can be steps on a road
leading to me, til you wake up in my arms.”

And always a little bit taken with
all of your promises and all I won’t miss.
Caught unaware, lost in the glare of the world’s last light,
all of a sudden I awake to the light of the Son.

So I’ve got a lot to do before I head home, sweet home.
But I only wonder at the things
I do not yet know.
Maybe this is all that it takes to be satisfied.