1. The Gardener

From the recording The Luggage of an Optimist

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A faint sign of gladness makes her
pause in all her sadness,
fair and so faithful, she throws aside careful.
Hardly knowing what to expect,
she makes her way over --
Maybe it’s safe now, it’s been a few days now.

And she started weeping,
as though she’d never cried before,
She thought she’d lost
the only one she’d loved.
And three of the longest days of her life had come to this:
Waiting by a stone.

And then she saw the gardener.
He asked her how she’d been.
“I’m sad and I’m scared, but why do you care? You’re just the gardener’s son.”
Do you recognize Me now?

‘Go tell all the others that you met me.
They might think that you’ve been drinking through the night,
But don’t let all their doubts
keep you away from me,
The world will likely think it’s
All in your mind.’
She comes to the home she’d left
anxious and alone but
It feels more like a mansion now,
though she can’t yet mention how
Everything around her seems
infused with glory,
Her hope expands as the world just stands still.