From the recording The Luggage of an Optimist

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On the train from Paddington to Harrow,
I'm a little bit tired but I'm still attentive.
And the sights I normally would ignore
put a charm on a few of my sleepy senses.
At a station pausing for a while,
can't help but wonder why, since it looks like
nobody lives here, "but someone does, dear", a little voice inside me says.

So maybe the secret ties are the very things that keep us sane and cheerful,
a little more kind and tearful.
I caught the world in a lie when it told me it could give me everything I wanted,
anything I wanted, anything at all.

From a long way off I start to notice
all the people with their animated faces
at the dinner table.
And the four lights grinning in a small town
put a stop to the thought that I'd rather be anywhere else.
Conversations that I'll never know,
this train has far to go,
but still, I wanted some share,
I could have lived there,
if my life had taken a different turn...
I could have sworn that I was only just a moment ago alone in my own small space.
In strange ways, it's the dull days that make us face what really matters...