1. Simeon

From the recording The Luggage of an Optimist

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There was a man in the city
and everyone thought him just a little odd.
They'd pass him on his knees,
his arms outstretched
as if waiting for a consolation.
But on the edge of something new
he sensed that he had things to do,
and so lived a life of anticipation.

Here is the moment he's been waiting for
all of his life, rushing and wishing
and racing towards
a graceful moment when he'd see
what faith becomes.

He saw them enter by the front door
and he didn't need anymore proof
that it was time
to take the child in his arms,
and looking up to heaven,
thanked his God for this chance.
He told the mother of the
days that would come
and any other would have turned away to run.
But she kept in her heart
all the words that she'd heard
because she had hope and
all those good things in her Son.

So he was free to go,
to go in peace with what he'd seen.
And with his last breath, he thought
how we were in the best of hands
and at that he smiled.